FastCRC Library  

To register FastCRC Library

  1. Order your license for FastCRC Library from
  2. Note. After ordering, you will receive an E-Mail from SlavaSoft Inc. indicating your license name and license code.

  3. Run Register.exe from you have downloaded.

    In response to this action, the SlavaSoft Register window will be displayed:

  4. In the File box select the file you want to register: FastCRCS.lib or FastCRC.dll.

    Note. To register FastCRC Library you have to register the following files: FastCRCS.lib and FastCRC.dll. Do not try to register FastCRC.lib file because it doesn't contain any license information.

  5. In the list box select the product you want to register  and click the Register button.

    In response to this action, the Product Registration window will be displayed:

  6. In the Name box, type your license name.
  7. In the E-Mail box, type the E-Mail address on which you received your license name and license code in Step 1.
  8. In the Key box, type your license code.
  9. Press OK button.


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